Turmoil in the Arab World

May 3, 2011 • Volume 5, Issue 9
Will Democracy Emerge from the “Arab Spring”?
By Roland Flamini


Thousands of angry Yemenis demonstrated in the capital Sanaa (Reuters/Khaled Abdullah Ali Al Mahdi)
Thousands of angry Yemenis demonstrated in the capital Sanaa on April 28 to denounce the killing of 12 protesters the day before, when President Ali Abdullah Saleh's forces fired into a group of protesters demanding an end to his autocratic 32-year regime. Protests have continued for three months in Yemen — one of 14 Arab countries roiled by youth-driven pro-democracy movements. (Reuters/Khaled Abdullah Ali Al Mahdi)

Massive, largely peaceful demonstrations in January and February forced longtime autocrats in Tunisia and Egypt from power, including Hosni Mubarak, who had dominated Egypt for more than 30 years. Subsequently, protests erupted in at least a dozen other countries across the Arab world, several of which continue. Using social media to organize, young demonstrators have called for the removal of long-entrenched corrupt regimes, greater freedom and more jobs. They have been met with violent government crackdowns in Syria, Yemen and Bahrain, while in Libya strongman Moammar Gadhafi is battling a ragtag rebel force backed by NATO. As the region reverberates with calls for change, scholars say some key questions must be answered: Will the region become more democratic or will Islamic fundamentalists take control? And will relations with the West and Israel suffer? Then on May 1, al Qaida chief Osama bin Laden was killed in a U.S. raid in Pakistan. Once, such news might have triggered anti-U.S. protests across the region. Now, it seemed, those bin Laden had tried to radicalize were more interested in jobs and freedom than in bin Laden's dream of a vast, new Muslin caliphate.

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