Terrorism and the Internet

November 2009 • Volume 3, Issue 11
Should Web sites that promote terrorism be shut down?
By Barbara Mantel


Nicolas Berg, taken hostage in Iraq and beheaded on film in 2004. (www.wikipedia.org)
Islamic terrorists hold Nicholas Berg, an American Jewish businessman, who was taken hostage in Iraq in 2004 and beheaded on film. The horrific video is still available online, underscoring how extremists use the Internet to further their jihadist agendas. (www.wikipedia.org)

A decade ago, terrorist organizations operated or controlled only about a dozen Web sites. Today there are more than 7,000. Terrorist groups use the Internet for many activities, ranging from raising funds to explaining how to build a suicide bomb. They find the Internet appealing for the same reasons everyone else does: It's cheap, easily accessible, unregulated and reaches a potentially enormous audience. As terrorist content spreads to chat rooms, blogs, user groups, social networking sites and virtual worlds, many experts, politicians and law enforcement officials are debating how government and industry should respond. Some want Internet companies to stop terrorists from using the Web, while others say that is not the role of Internet service providers. As governments enact laws based on the belief that the Internet plays a significant role in promoting terrorism, critics say the new measures often overstep free-speech and privacy rights.

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