Energy Warfare

January 13, 2023 • Volume 33, Issue 2
Has the Ukraine conflict permanently altered global oil and gas markets?
By Jonathan Broder


Russia's attempt to destroy Ukraine's power grid; its cutoff of natural gas to Kyiv's European allies; the West's retaliatory embargoes of Moscow's energy exports — all are the tactics of an energy war playing out alongside the grinding ground conflict. Russia's oil, gas and coal and Europe's markets are the principal munitions of this war, echoing other episodes over the past century when producers and consumers weaponized their positions along the energy supply chain. But today's energy war comes at a particularly perilous moment for climate-conscious countries that are trying to transition to renewable sources, yet remain heavily dependent on fossil fuels. Many analysts say the war is causing the global energy order — with its long-established geopolitical norms, well-worn supply chains and dependable markets — to unravel. The result: a worldwide energy crisis marked by oil and gas shortages, extreme price volatility, and a reshuffling of energy flows as much of the world scrambles to adapt. But with no end to the war in sight, how will countries adjust?

Photo of people walking through a Kyiv, Ukraine, blackout on December 26, 2022. (Getty Images/LightRocket/SOPA Images/Sergei Chuzavkov)
People walk down a dark street in Kyiv, Ukraine, during a blackout caused by Russian attacks on the country's energy infrastructure. Russia's invasion has unraveled the traditional global energy order. (Getty Images/LightRocket/SOPA Images/Sergei Chuzavkov)
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