Homelessness Crisis

December 23, 2022 • Volume 32, Issue 44
Can governments move people off the streets and into housing?
By Alan Greenblatt


The nation's perennial problem of homelessness has worsened in many cities now that COVID-19 pandemic-era protections against eviction have ended. Rents and housing costs have continued their decades-long rise. Despite billions of dollars spent moving people into housing in recent decades, the number of unsheltered individuals continues to rise — both in major cities and rural America. Given the issue's visibility, many politicians support crackdowns, by calling on police to break up encampments or banning camping in public spaces. Conservatives are skeptical about an approach that provides housing for people without requiring them to work or get job training or addiction treatment. With Congress divided on the issue, states and cities are scrambling to find funds for solutions. Voters have supported such measures, but many often resist the construction of shelters or low-cost housing in their neighborhoods. Nevertheless, the public demands meaningful solutions that, so far, have remained elusive.

Photo of homeless man cooling off in Portland, Oregon, on August 13, 2021. (Getty Images/Nathan Howard)
A homeless man tries to cool off near a Portland, Ore., misting station during an extreme heat wave in August 2021. As the number of unhoused Americans continues to rise and Congress remains divided on solutions, states and cities struggle to provide more affordable housing and other remedies. (Getty Images/Nathan Howard)
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