Global Migration

January 17, 2020 • Volume 28, Issue 3
Can governments head off another crisis?
By Sarah Glazer


Two asylum-seeking migrants from Central America (AFP/Getty Images/Herika Martinez)
Two asylum-seeking migrants from Central America cross the Rio Grande into the United States on June 12. The global migrant population totaled nearly 272 million in 2019. (AFP/Getty Images/Herika Martinez)

The world is witnessing the highest numbers of migrants on record, nearly 272 million in 2019, more than triple the number in 1970. Advocates of immigration restrictions say migrants steal jobs and sometimes abuse a system designed to provide asylum for the truly persecuted. But human rights advocates say nations are shirking their responsibility to provide refuge to those experiencing persecution and violence. Citing a broken system in which asylum-seekers sometimes disappear into the United States, the Trump administration is limiting those who can seek asylum. It also is taking aggressive steps to end what President Trump calls a “very serious crisis” at the U.S.-Mexico border. Migrant advocacy groups say Trump has manufactured a crisis, and statistics show illegal immigration from Mexico is in a long-term decline. Governments often seek to stem migration by providing aid to improve the economies of origin countries. Experts say the solution is not so simple, because it takes at least a generation before rising income encourages people to remain at home.

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