Health and Safety Regulations

September 6, 2019 • Volume 29, Issue 31
Is government oversight becoming too lax?
By Victoria Finkle


The federal government has played a central role in setting health and safety standards for the public for more than a century. But environmental advocates, product-safety experts and public health officials are concerned that the Trump administration's moves toward deregulation have weakened critical consumer safeguards in areas ranging from hog plants to baby strollers and much more. Meanwhile, fatal crashes of two new Boeing airplanes in less than six months have also put consumer safety back in the headlines, generating questions about whether companies have been given too much authority to self-regulate — a practice used in the aircraft industry that predates the Trump administration. Business officials and some conservatives argue that the shift toward deregulation is crucial for maintaining a strong economy. They also emphasize that no safety regime can protect consumers all the time. Still, policymakers continue to explore ways to improve the current system, including efforts to make product recalls more effective and to simplify the complex food safety network, among other initiatives.

Paul Njoroge (Getty Images/CQ Roll Call/Tom Williams)
Paul Njoroge, center, displays photos of his family as he talks with Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants, at a congressional hearing in July. Njoroge's wife and children died in the crash of a Boeing 737 Max airplane in March that added to concerns about federal regulators' role in ensuring public health and safety. (Getty Images/CQ Roll Call/Tom Williams)
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