Abortion Controversies

March 1, 2019 • Volume 29, Issue 9
Will the Supreme Court restrict rights to the procedure?
By Stephen Koff


Nearly a half-century after the U.S. Supreme Court declared a constitutional right to abortion in Roe v. Wade, the landmark ruling is under sustained attack by anti-abortion forces hoping the current court's conservative majority will impose new limits on the procedure or overturn Roe altogether. More than a dozen cases championed by anti-abortion activists and conservative state legislatures are making their way through lower or appellate courts, and any of the cases could provide a pathway for the Supreme Court to alter federal abortion law. In response, abortion-rights groups and liberal legislatures are pushing to expand abortion rights under state law to preserve access to the procedure in the event of a federal pullback. Among the legal issues at stake in the fight over abortion are whether states can ban abortions based on a fetus' gender, race or disability, at what stage of pregnancy a fetus is able to feel pain and at what stage a fetus can survive outside the womb.

Protesters on both sides of the abortion debate (Getty Images/Mark Wilson)
Protesters on both sides of the abortion debate gather outside the U.S. Supreme Court during the anti-abortion March for Life on Jan. 18, 2019. More than a dozen cases currently before federal courts could end up before the high court, which then could revisit the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling legalizing abortion nationwide. (Getty Images/Mark Wilson)
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