Gambling Under Attack

September 6, 1996 • Volume 6, Issue 33
How serious is the current backlash?
By Richard L. Worsnop


Americans love to moralize about gambling - almost as much as they love to gamble. Last year, the U.S. gaming industry posted record revenues of more than $44 billion. At the same time, though, more than 30 statewide efforts to legalize various forms of gambling were being rejected, often by whopping margins. Opponents contend the setbacks reflect a growing nationwide backlash against legalized gambling. But gaming analysts see exciting growth possibilities ahead, including airliner-based gambling and at-home wagering via telephone, interactive television or the Internet. Meanwhile, a recently approved federal gaming study will attempt to paint a clearer picture of the industry's impact on U.S. society - and the role gaming may play in the future.

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