Gun Control

June 10, 1994 • Volume 4, Issue 22
Will it help reduce violent crime in the U.S.?
By Richard L. Worsnop


The gun lobby suffered a pair of stunning setbacks in recent months. Congress passed the Brady bill, requiring a five-day waiting period for handgun purchases, and it moved closer to banning 19 models of assault weapons. Gun control opponents vowed to unseat lawmakers who voted for the bills and scoffed at the idea that restrictions will keep weapons away from criminals. They say such curbs infringe on Americans' constitutional right to bear arms. Further, they picture America under strict gun controls as a land where law-abiding citizens would be helpless against bands of well-armed hoodlums. Many gun control advocates, however, regard gun-related deaths and injuries as a public health problem that can be controlled only by rooting out firearms themselves.

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