Too Many Lawsuits?

May 22, 1992 • Volume 2, Issue 19
Is a litigation explosion choking the nation's legal system?
By Kenneth Jost


Vice President Dan Quayle revived the simmering debate over the nation's legal systemwhen he confronted lawyers last August with an administration backed package of civil justice reform measures. Business groups and political conservatives agree with Quayle that legal rules have made it too easy -- and too profitable -- to go to court, resulting in costly strains on the judicial system, the economy and the nation's social fabric. Lawyers and other defenders of the system say the critics are exaggerating the costs and ignoring the benefits of permitting easy access to the courts. Congress is unlikely to act on the administration's proposals, but states also are being urged to adopt judicial reforms. Some states are considering proposals to make it more difficult for accident victims to recover compensation through the courts.

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