Underage Drinking

March 13, 1992 • Volume 2, Issue 10
Is the government using the right tactics in its crackdown?
By Charles S. Clark


Illegal alcohol use Is easing off At schools and colleges, but drips of progress toward temperance may not be enough. Concerned federal officials blame underage drinking for disturbing levels of campus violence and emotional problems, as well as a large proportion of traffic deaths. Just two months ago, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy addressed alcohol for the first time in its strategy to combat illegal drugs. The issue is also being confronted by the alcoholic beverage industry, which is spending unprecedented sums on advertising to remind Americans that they must be 21 to drink. Though most everyone agrees on a need for multiple solutions -- including beefed-up law enforcement, education campaigns and improved family communication -- there is little consensus on how tough is too tough.

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