Cuba in Crisis

November 29, 1991 • Volume 1, Issue 28
Will Fidel Castro share the fate of other Communist leaders?
By Rodman D. Griffin


A decade ago Cuban president Fidel Castro was a leader of almost mythical proportion. Today, with the worldwide collapse of Communism and the loss of the Soviet Union as Havana's chief patron, Cuba is at a crossroads. With few reliable trading partners and even fewer political allies, Castro faces the most serious challenge of his 33- year rule. Thus far, his answer has been an odd mix of anti-capitalist rhetoric, subtle efforts to lure foreign investors and not-so-subtle political repression. Whether the aging guerrilla leader will be able to salvage his country -- and its revolution -- will depend on many factors, including U.S. policy. For its part, Washington is trying to isolate Castro and accelerate his demise, raising the prospect of a popular rebellion or overthrow attempt.

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