Reverse Discrimination

August 6, 1976

Report Outline
Debate Over Remedies for Past Bias
Development of Affirmative Action
Controversy Over Seniority Rights
Special Focus

Debate Over Remedies for Past Bias

Reaction to Job Preferences for Women, Blacks

In Texas, two white employees of a Houston trucking firm were fired in 1970 after being charged with stealing 60 one-gallon cans of antifreeze from a customer's shipment. A black worker charged with the same offense was kept on.

In Virginia, 328 men and 57 women applied for two full-time positions in the sociology and anthropology department of Virginia Commonwealth University. No men were interviewed for the jobs; two women were hired.

In Chicago, on Jan. 5, 1976, U.S. District Court Judge Prentice H. Marshall gave the city 90 days to hire 400 new police officers. Of these, 200 were to be black and Spanish-named men and 66 were to be women. The judge also imposed a similar quota on future hiring.

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