Coastal Conservation

February 25, 1970

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Increasing Abuses of Shoreline Ecology
Coastal Pollution and Control Efforts
Future Remedies for Coastline Problems
Special Focus

Increasing Abuses of Shoreline Ecology

American coastlines, teeming with sources of pleasure and profit, are also beset with problems. The edge of the sea is being battered by pollution and abuses of building development. Offshore oil spills, such as have occurred recently from Santa Barbara to Tampa Bay to Nova Scotia, are only the most dramatic of the many forces threatening to make the seashore uninviting to man and to marine life. Marshes and estuaries at the water's edge, essential to the nation's production of seafood and shell fish, are steadily shrinking under the weight of the dredge and being poisoned by sewage and industrial wastes.

The rim of the sea is a natural resource that Americans can no longer take for granted. This realization is coming upon them at a time they are.seeking its recreational values more than ever. And their quest accounts for part of the problem: the proliferation of pleasure boats, with their attendant disposal of waste, adds to the pollution of the coastlines; the growing mass of waterfront homes, amusement centers and marinas constantly reduces the remaining marshland.

Coastal areas, like the oceans, are not infinite. Some priorities on usage may well be in order before this decade is out. How much of the coastline must be reserved for wildlife, for commerce and industry, for fishing and recreation? These questions, already being posed informally and indirectly, are sure to harden as the issues involved become more pronounced in Washington, and in state capitols and city halls along the Atlantic and Pacific littoral. Nothing has done more so far to shape these questions than a rash of mishaps offshore in transporting and drilling oil.

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