Protest Movements in Time of War

February 24, 1966

Report Outline
Protests Over U.S. Policy in Viet Nam
Wartime Dissent in American History
Legal and Ethical Aspects of Protest

Protests Over U.S. Policy in Viet Nam

Rising Dissent on Conduct of Vietnamese War

Resumption of air strikes on North Viet Nam by American bombers, as well as the general intensification of ground action in South Viet Nam, has dashed hopes for an early end to the war in Southeast Asia. The United States finds itself locked in a conflict that has become increasingly costly in expenditure of national resources and human life. Even before the latest peace effort foundered, organized opposition to increased American involvement in the Vietnamese struggle had reached unprecedented proportions.

A lull in the protests accompanied the 37-day pause in bombing of North Vietnamese military targets —a pause ordered by President Johnson to remove a supposed obstacle to negotiations to end the war. But the President finally announced, Jan. 31, that bombing was being resumed because his peace offensive had not brought results and because failure to renew air attacks on the north would greatly increase the dangers confronting American and South Vietnamese forces.

“We have given a full and decent respect to the opinions of those who thought that such a pause might give new hope for peace in the world,” the President said in his televised address. However, some persons felt that resumption of the bombing was premature, and others deplored American involvement in Viet Nam, north or south, whatever the circumstances.

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