Military Manpower Policies

February 14, 1962

Report Outline
Mobilization of Reserves in Peacetime
Reserve Forces Policy: Past and Future
Reliance on Conscription for Manpower
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Mobilization of Reserves in Peacetime

A new look is being taken by the Kennedy administration and by Congress at the structure, size, readiness and usefulness of the reserve military forces of the United States. Reappraisal comes in the wake of controversy engendered by the mobilization last October of 156,-000 National Guardsmen and members of the Organized Reserve.

Defense Department officials already have made known their decision to rely on regular forces in future cold war emergencies, rather than on rapid expansion of military manpower through a call-up of reservists. President Kennedy asked Congress in his budget message, Jan. 18, to provide funds for an increase in the number of regular Army divisions from 14 to 16. He said the new divisions would take the place of the two National Guard divisions called to active duty to meet the latest Soviet threat to Allied rights of access to Berlin.

Various congressional committees, meanwhile, are looking into complaints raised by last October's call-up and into weaknesses that it revealed. Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, appearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Jan. 19, outlined a plan for thorough overhaul of the reserve forces to increase their ability to respond to future emergencies. Congress may be reluctant, however, to approve the administration's tentative plan to reduce the strength of Army reserve components in a paid drill status by 31,000 men in the fiscal year beginning next July 1.

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