Social Security for the Disabled

March 28, 1956

Report Outline
Political Division on Disability Insurance
Provisions for the Permanently Disabled
Apprehensions About Disability Insurance

Political Division on Disability Insurance

Impending Senate Fight on Social Security Bill

A hard senate fight lies ahead for a House-approved amendment to the Social Security Act to pay retirement benefits at as early an age as 50 years to persons who become totally and permanently disabled. The proposal presents a political dilemma for its opponents in Congress, chiefly Republican members, because they dislike voting in an election year against a measure of potential benefit to a large segment of the electorate. Their position is rendered more difficult by the fact that the disability provision is only one of several proposed amendments to the Social Security Act embodied in the pending bill; one of the amendments, which would extend basic social security coverage to several groups not now covered, is supported by both Republicans and Democrats.

Sen. Walter F. George (D-Ga.), a member of the Finance Committee which recently concluded hearings on the measure, told an interviewer on Mar. 23 that he “sensed” an effort to bottle up the social security bill in committee. However, Finance Committee Chairman Harry F. Byrd (D-Va.) denied any such intention and indicated that the committee would vote on the bill shortly after Congress returns from its Easter recess on Apr. 9.

If the bill should be reported without the disability provision, and without an additional controversial provision to make women eligible for retirement benefits at age 62 instead of age 65, Sen. George and others would be certain to fight to restore those provisions when the measure reaches the floor. George already has proposed a more liberal disability amendment which would allow qualified claimants to receive benefits at any age.

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