Trade with Japan

January 9, 1952

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Foreign Trade Under Restored Japanese Sovereignty
International Trade Position of Japan
Future Outlook for Japanese Trade
Special Focus

Foreign Trade Under Restored Japanese Sovereignty

Pending peace settlement and security pact issues

Reporting to Congress in the 1952 State of the Union message that “real progress along the road to peace” had been made in 1951, President Truman asked early and favorable action by the Senate on the peace treaty with Japan, signed at San Francisco last Sept. 8, and the accompanying security pacts with Japan and other countries of the Pacific.

The peace treaty and Japanese-American security pact were ratified by Japan last November. Great Britain was the first Allied nation to ratify the peace settlement; its formal instrument of ratification was deposited with the Government of the United States on Jan. 3, 1952.

If all goes as expected, most of the non-Communist nations which were at war with Japan will complete ratification of the Western peace settlement during the early months of 1952. Now that Japan and Great Britain have acted, the peace treaty will go into effect as soon as it is ratified by the United States and any four of the following Allied nations: Australia, Canada, Ceylon, France, Indonesia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, and the Philippine Republic.

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