Rehabilitation of Korea

August 24, 1951

Report Outline
Basic Conditions for a Settlement in Korea
Effects of Hostilities on Divided Korea
U.N. Program for Korean Rehabilitation

Basic Conditions for a Settlement in Korea

Cease-Fire Negotiations at Kaesong

Preliminary Negotiations looking to an armistice in Korea have turned attention to obligations of the United States and United Nations to that country once peace has been restored. Agreement to a cease-fire, with adequate guarantees against resumption of hostilities, would still leave complex political and territorial issues to be resolved through diplomatic channels. Provision must also be made for the long-term security of Korea, but a truce period while diplomatic negotiations were under way would offer opportunity for a beginning on the formidable task of Korean rehabilitation.

Arranging a cease-fire with the Communists, however, is proving more arduous and time-consuming than at first expected. A third major break in the six-week-long military negotiations came on Aug. 22 when the Communist delegation declared the meetings “off from now on,” charging that the truce area had been bombed by a U.N. plane. If and when the peace talks will be resumed is not now known, but the problems that must ultimately be dealt with remain the same as when the cease-fire negotiations were set in motion by the June 23 peace broadcast from New York of Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Malik.

Truce Negotiations at Kaesong

Agreement on an agenda, two and one-half weeks after military talks opened at Kaesong on July 10, was viewed as the first sound evidence that the Communists really desired a truce in Korea. This agreement became possible when the Reds withdrew their demand for discussion of foreign troop withdrawals from the country, after Washington insisted this was essentially a political question.

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