Control of Atomic Energy

April 24, 1946

Report Outline
Postwar Exploitation of Automic Knowledge
Domestic Control of Atomic Development
Atomic Development and International Security

Postwar Exploitation of Automic Knowledge

Postwar Utilization of atomic energy presents problems in the field of control as difficult as those met and solved by the scientists who constructed the atomic bomb. Enjoyment of the benefits of present atomic knowledge, public and still secret, calls for substantial socialization of the new source of power. International security in an atomic age calls for nothing short of the final abolition of war.

The Senate will come to grips with domestic aspects of the control problem when it takes up the bill laid before it Apr. 19 by its Special Committee on Atomic Energy. House consideration will be delayed until after the Senate has acted on the McMahon bill. International aspects of the control problem have been entrusted to an atomic energy commission of the United Nations, on which Bernard M. Baruch will represent the United States.

Nuclear physicists whose research produced the atomic bomb believe their work can be duplicated within a few years by scientists in other countries. They strongly urge adoption of measures to ensure effective international control of nuclear energy before atomic weapons become widely available. They say that once production of atomic energy is firmly controlled to prevent its use in warfare, it can be safely applied to a large number of uses beneficial to man.

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