Racial Discrimination and the War Effort

July 1, 1942

Report Outline
Racial Discrimination as a War Problem
Employment of Negroes in War Industry
Service of Negroes in the Fighting Forces

Racial Discrimination as a War Problem

Participation of the United States in a war waged A for triumph of the democratic ideal over the fascist concept of master and subject races has forced to the forefront problems raised by domestic manifestations of the essentially fascist practice of racial discrimination. While Jews and other minority groups suffer some degree of discrimination in this country, the question is presented most conspicuously in the case of the 13,000,000 Negroes, who comprise 10 per cent of the population. Paul V. McNutt, chairman of the War Manpower Commission, said to a Negro mass meeting in New York, June 28:

You have suffered grievous discrimination. And when you demand a redefinition—a reiteration—of fundamental American rights, your claims are just and sound … Discrimination—based upon anything but a man's sheer worth—must go. Discrimination against every race must go, just as economic discrimination must go.

McNutt mentioned expanding opportunities for Negro employment in war industries but declared: “We are not using Negroes enough … There are still too many employers who stipulate on their hiring schedules that certain jobs are barred to Negroes. There are still too many who hire them only for certain service jobs or assign them to work below their best skill. Such employers are protecting their prejudices at the cost of production for victory.”

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