Labor in Wartime

July 20, 1940

Report Outline
Labor in the National Deffense Program
Industrial Relations During the World War
Wages and Hours Under War Conditions
Mobilization of Labor for Defense

Labor in the National Deffense Program

Special Vocational Training Plans

Plans to assure an adequate labor supply for American rearmament are now being prepared by the National Defense Advisory Commission on a scale which could readily be expanded to meet the needs of actual war. The following steps have been taken to date:

Sidney Hillman, member of the Commission in charge of labor matters, on July 2 appointed a Labor Policy Advisory Committee consisting of 16 representatives of both C. I. O. and A. F. of L. unions. This committee will endeavor to obtain the cooperation of both major labor organizations in the defense program.

The Social Security Board has completed a detailed analysis of the 5,100,000 job seekers registered with state employment offices to determine the available supply of skilled labor for defense industries.

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