Present and Future Development of Alaska

August 24, 1939

Report Outline
Alaska as a Haven for Refugees
Fisheries, Minerals, Wild Life, Forests
Possibilities for Agriculture and Grazing
Possible Growth of Alaska's Population

Alaska as a Haven for Refugees

Legislation which would permit European refugees to settle in Alaska without making them eligible to enter the United States as permanent residents is now being drafted by Department of Interior officials, Secretary Ickes told reporters at his press conference on August 17.

President Roosevelt cancelled a proposed personal trip to Alaska this summer because of the delayed adjournment of Congress, but the possibilities of the Alaska Territory as a haven for emigrants from the totalitarian states will undoubtedly receive further consideration at the White House refugee conference in September.

The opportunities for colonists in Alaska are analyzed in detail in a report entitled “The Problem of Alaskan Development” by Under Secretary of the Interior Harry Slattery which was released August 16. The report states:

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