Transatlantic Air Commerce

March 2, 1939

Report Outline
Plans for the First Atlantic Airline
The History of Transatlantic Flying
Selection of Routes and Development of Planes
Financial and Legal Problems

Plans for the First Atlantic Airline

When the first of the Boeing super-clipper flying boats is christened by Mrs. Roosevelt on Friday, March 3, Pan American Airways will be ready to undertake a final transatlantic survey flight before the start of regular air mail and passenger service between the United States and Europe.

One of the few remaining obstacles to such service was removed on January 28 when the British government and Imperial Airways waived a previous agreement that the service would not be inaugurated until the English company was also ready to begin transatlantic operations.

Before Pan American Airways can begin scheduled commercial service, however, the Civil Aeronautics Authority must issue a certificate of convenience and necessity for such service on the two routes between the United States and Europe which the line proposes to use, one from New York to Southampton, England, by way of the Azores, Lisbon, Portugal and Marseilles, France, the other from New York to Southampton or London by way of Newfoundland and Ireland. An application for such a certificate was filed by the company on February 11.

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