New Industrial Products and Processes

February 24, 1932

Report Outline
Development of New Products During Depression
Air Cooling and the Revolution in Building
Advances in Transportation and Communication
New Products of Electrical and Chemical Industries
New Processes in Textile and Food-Packing Industries
Machine Tools and New Labor and Time-Saving Devices

Development of New Products During Depression

Possible Effects Upon Business and Employment

Within the last twelve months American business organizations have announced many improvements in industrial processes and the introduction of a large number of products not previously manufactured for general distribution. In several cases these announcements have been accompanied by predictions that the new developments would be an important influence in speeding general recovery once business strikes the upgrade.

Advances in two fields have received outstanding attention. The first is the field of refrigeration, in which a large number of new uses for known devices have been developed. The most striking of these is the development of practical machinery for the cooling of house interiors and the perfection of methods for the quick freezing of fresh foods. In the field of building construction, the development of new materials and new low-cost methods of construction, taken in connection with new systems of lighting and air conditioning, is said to imply nothing less than a “building revolution.”

Other new products, processes, and devices which appear to have large industrial and commercial possibilities include:

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