Reorganization of Executive Departments

September 17, 1925

Report Outline
Development of the Executive Branch
Delay in Reorganization
The Reorganization Plan

The Smoot-Mapes bill for a general reorganization of the executive branch of the government will be a measure of first importance in the legislative program of the administration for the first session of the Sixty-ninth Congress. This bill was submitted to Congress for final action more than a year ago, after being nearly four years in preparation. Departmental reorganization was a favorite project of President Harding and enactment of the pending bill, as a measure of economy, was urged by President Coolidge in each of his annual messages.

In his annual message of December 3, 1924, President Coolidge said:

“One way to save public money would be to pass the pending bill for the reorganization of the various departments. This project has been pending for some time and has had the most careful consideration of experts and the thorough study of a special congressional committee. This legislation is vital as a companion piece to the budget law.

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