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Should cost factor into whether a species is listed as endangered?Species ExtinctionDec. 15, 2017
Should imports of large constricting snakes be banned?Invasive SpeciesFeb. 17, 2012
Are trade bans an effective deterrent to wildlife trafficking?Wildlife SmugglingOct. 2010
Has the Endangered Species Act lived up to its mandate?Endangered Species Act (Updated: September 22, 2010)Jun. 3, 2005
Has the Endangered Species Act been a success?Mass ExtinctionSep. 15, 2000
Should property owners be compensated for complying with the Endangered Species Act?Endangered Species ActOct. 1, 1999
Should the Endangered Species Act be re-enacted without major changes?Protecting Endangered SpeciesApr. 19, 1996
Should fishermen be allocated individual quotas to help control overfishing?Marine Mammals Vs. FishAug. 28, 1992