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Should planners try to control urban sprawl?Revitalizing the CitiesOct. 13, 1995
Should Americans be willing to give up some of their privacy to advance policies that are generally perceived to be in society's best interest?Civic RenewalMar. 21, 1997
Should state or regional governments require local governments to manage growth and combat sprawl?Urban Sprawl in the WestOct. 3, 1997
Are smart-growth policies the best solution for suburban sprawl?Smart GrowthMay 28, 2004
Are downtowns undergoing a real renaissance?Downtown Renaissance (Updated: June 13, 2012)Jun. 23, 2006
Will redevelopment of the Dharavi slum improve residents' lives?Rapid UrbanizationApr. 2009
Is the Midwest's New Madrid Seismic Zone a serious threat?Earthquake ThreatApr. 9, 2010
Can smart city technology save ailing cities?Smart CitiesJul. 27, 2012
Are the child care approaches proposed by Democratic presidential candidates affordable?Caregiving CrunchNov. 1, 2019
Should the federal government invest in regional economies?Economic ClusteringAug. 21, 2020
Should the federal government help pay for day-to-day operations at transit agencies?Rebuilding America's InfrastructureJun. 4, 2021
Have cities been permanently transformed by the pandemic?The Future of the CityJun. 3, 2022