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Should the rules limiting the FBI's use of wiretaps be loosened to thwart terrorist attacks?Combating TerrorismJul. 21, 1995
Should the influx of immigrants into America be restricted to prevent future terrorist attacks?War on TerrorismOct. 12, 2001
Should driver's licenses be linked to a national database and used as ID cards?Policing the BordersFeb. 22, 2002
Will U.S. policies keep nuclear weapons away from terrorists?Nuclear Proliferation and TerrorismApr. 2, 2004
Do jihadists hate America because of its freedoms?Global JihadOct. 14, 2005
Is it racist to ban Arab companies from operating U.S. ports?Port SecurityApr. 21, 2006
Is the chance of a nuclear terrorist attack virtually nonexistent?Homeland SecurityFeb. 13, 2009
Is cyberterrorism a significant global threat?Terrorism and the InternetNov. 2009
Should terrorism suspects ordinarily be tried in civilian courts?Prosecuting Terrorists (Updated: May 26, 2011)Mar. 12, 2010
Are U.S. Muslim organizations doing enough to counter jihadist doctrine?Homegrown JihadistsSep. 3, 2010
Does Al Qaeda still pose a serious threat to the U.S.?Remembering 9/11Sep. 2, 2011
Is the threat posed by former Guantánamo detainees exaggerated?Assessing the Threat From al QaedaJun. 27, 2014
Is Turkey a reliable U.S. ally?Unrest in TurkeyJan. 29, 2016
Are U.S. ground troops needed to defeat the Islamic State?Defeating the Islamic StateApr. 1, 2016
Are targeted killings legal?Targeted KillingsApr. 9, 2021
Should Congress make domestic terrorism a crime?Domestic TerrorismMay 14, 2021