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Should Congress regulate redistricting?Redistricting BattlesMar. 4, 2022
Can partisan gerrymandering be eliminated?Redistricting ShowdownAug. 25, 2017
Should redistricting be done by independent commissions?Redistricting DebatesFeb. 25, 2011
Should Washington residents have representation in Congress?D.C. Voting RightsApr. 11, 2008
Should race be a focal consideration in redistricting decisions?RedistrictingFeb. 16, 2001
Did North Carolina go too far in drawing congressional districts that favor the election of minority candidates?Electing MinoritiesAug. 12, 1994
Should states be compelled to create congressional districts with black or Hispanic majorities wherever possible?Redistricting: Drawing Power with a MapFeb. 15, 1991