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Should the homeless mentally ill be reinstitutionalized?The HomelessAug. 7, 1992
Do anti-panhandling ordinances violate the civil rights of homeless people?Helping the HomelessJan. 26, 1996
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Is there a real hunger problem in America?Hunger in AmericaDec. 22, 2000
Is affordable housing a human right?Ending HomelessnessJun. 18, 2004
Should immigration be reduced to protect the jobs of native-born poor?Domestic Poverty (Updated: April 27, 2011)Sep. 7, 2007
Should mothers who have children out of wedlock be denied welfare?Child PovertyOct. 28, 2011
Is Housing First the best approach to ending homelessness?Housing the HomelessOct. 10, 2014
Would raising the minimum wage help alleviate poverty?Fighting Urban PovertyJul. 17, 2015
Should public-assistance programs have more-stringent work mandates?Domestic PovertyJan. 11, 2019