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Should drilling for new domestic oil be allowed in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?Oil ImportsAug. 23, 1991
Should the United States ease its sanctions against Iran to improve international access to Caspian Sea oil?Oil Production in the 21st CenturyAug. 7, 1998
Should the U.S. demand more support from Saudi Arabia?Oil DiplomacyJan. 24, 2003
Is the administration balancing energy development with environmental protection?Domestic Energy DevelopmentSep. 30, 2005
Has a new cold war begun over oil that could lead to conflict?Energy NationalismJul. 2007
Are higher vehicle fuel-economy standards good energy policy?Oil Jitters (Updated: April 22, 2011)Jan. 4, 2008
Is Shiite influence from Iran and Iraq growing in the region?Future of the Gulf StatesNov. 1, 2011
Should the Keystone XL pipeline be built?U.S. Oil DependenceJun. 22, 2012