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Should Western countries make religious freedom a foreign policy priority?Religious RepressionNov. 1, 2013
Should the terminally ill have the right to assisted suicide?Assisted SuicideMay 17, 2013
Would decriminalizing prostitution reduce sex trafficking?Human Trafficking and SlaveryOct. 16, 2012
Should indigenous peoples be educated in their own languages?Saving Indigenous PeoplesSep. 20, 2011
Does President Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009?Human Rights IssuesOct. 30, 2009
Should the U.S. use trade sanctions against China to promote human rights?Human Rights in ChinaJul. 25, 2008
Is the Trafficking Victims Protection Act tough enough?Human Trafficking and SlaveryMar. 26, 2004
Should the United States ratify the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women?Women and Human RightsApr. 30, 1999
Should the United States join the proposed International Criminal Court?Human RightsNov. 13, 1998