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Will oil-company mergers lead to higher fuel prices?The Politics of EnergyMar. 5, 1999
Should Congress lift the Clean Air Act's mandate that reformulated gasoline contain 2 percent oxygen?Energy and the EnvironmentMar. 3, 2000
Should protected public lands be opened to oil and gas development?Energy PolicyMay 25, 2001
Should auto fuel-economy standards be tightened to reduce dependence on foreign oil?Energy SecurityFeb. 1, 2002
Should gas taxes be raised to encourage energy conservation?Energy EfficiencyMay 19, 2006
Will the Waxman-Markey bill harm the economy?Energy and ClimateJul. 24, 2009
Should the federal government do more to support wind energy?Wind PowerApr. 1, 2011
Should the government end tax breaks for oil and gas production?Energy PolicyMay 20, 2011
Is hydraulic fracturing good for the economy?Fracking ControversyDec. 16, 2011
Should governments give tax breaks to promote solar energy?Solar Energy ControversiesApr. 29, 2016
Is the electrical grid vulnerable to a major attack?Protecting the Power GridNov. 11, 2016
Can the United States transition to clean energy without damaging economic growth?Clean Energy TransitionNov. 12, 2021
Should the U.S. cooperate with China in the global transition to green energy?Geopolitics of Green EnergyNov. 18, 2022
Will the energy crisis sparked by the Ukraine conflict hasten the global transition to renewable sources?Energy WarfareJan. 13, 2023