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Are parents who seek stricter broadcast-indecency rules asking the government to do their job as parents?Broadcast IndecencyApr. 16, 2004
Should the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984 be amended to bring cable television under stricter government regulation?Does Cable TV Need More Regulation?Dec. 7, 1990
Should film-“sanitizing” companies be allowed to “clean up” DVDs and videotapes without the filmmakers' permission?Movie RatingsMar. 28, 2003
Are parents who challenge certain schoolbooks engaging in censorship?School CensorshipFeb. 19, 1993
Is Hollywood largely to blame for the nation's social problems?Sex, Violence and the MediaNov. 17, 1995
Should Congress require purveyors of sexually explicit materials to compensate rape victims?The Obscenity DebateDec. 20, 1991