Youth Unemployment

March 6, 2012 • Volume 6, Issue 5
Are high youth jobless rates creating a “lost” generation?
By Reed Karaim


Demonstrators complaining about the economic crisis and youth unemployment in Spain (AFP/Getty Images/Josep Lago)
Demonstrators complaining about the economic crisis and youth unemployment in Spain — where youth joblessness is over 50 percent — react as police try to remove them from a square in Barcelona on May 27, 2011. With youth joblessness stuck at staggering levels in many countries, finding work for an ever-growing number of unemployed youths has become a pressing global issue. (AFP/Getty Images/Josep Lago)

Across the globe, the economic crisis has led to soaring youth unemployment — above 50 percent in Spain, nearly that high in Greece and above 30 percent in many other countries. The crisis also has exacerbated already-high levels of youth unemployment in the Middle East and North Africa, where frustrated, unemployed college graduates were at the forefront of last year's Arab Spring revolutions. Angry, jobless youths have taken to the streets in other countries, as well, including the U.K. Countries are grappling with the problem, but solutions remain elusive. Youth unemployment is seen both as a matter of demographics — disproportionately higher numbers of young people in many countries — and structural problems in labor markets, such as laws protecting older workers' jobs. Many observers believe if the issue isn't addressed, further upheavals will occur, while others worry that the world could be facing a “lost generation” of discouraged workers whose earnings will be diminished for decades.

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