Crisis in the Catholic Church

January 2011 • Volume 5, Issue 1
Can the church recover from the widening sex-abuse scandal?
By Roland Flamini


Pope Benedict XVI (AFP/Getty Images/Alberto Pizzoli)
Pope Benedict XVI is dealing with new revelations of sexual abuse of children by priests. When Benedict became pope in 2005, he faced repor ts of widespread abuse by American priests. Now he is confronting new revelations of abuse by priests in Ireland, the United Kingdom, Germany and other countries. (AFP/Getty Images/Alberto Pizzoli)

Almost as soon as the white smoke began rising from the Sistine Chapel confirming his election, Pope Benedict XVI began seeing his pontificate hijacked by ongoing revelations of sex abuse by thousands of Roman Catholic priests. The scandal, which first erupted in the United States during his predecessor's pontificate, has become a global phenomenon, with fresh allegations of pedophilia and other priestly abuses — most of which occurred decades ago — in Ireland, Belgium, Germany, England and elsewhere, from the Philippines to Brazil. Supporters of Benedict say he has acted forthrightly to deal with the crisis; critics say that earlier, as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Benedict did not react forcefully enough. Experts now ask what long-range impact — if any — the scandal will have on the global church and its 1.2 billion faithful. The answer is murkier than it needs to be, say critics, because of the Vatican's ultra-secretiveness. More openness, they claim, might have stopped the crisis from spinning seemingly out of control.

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