Christians in the Mideast

May 29, 2020 • Volume 30, Issue 20
Is the decline reversible?
By Sara Toth Stub


The number of Christians in the Middle East has been falling for more than a century, due mainly to emigration and lower birth rates. But the decline has intensified since the early 2000s, as Christians and other religious minorities have faced increased persecution and violence due to wars in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, the rise of extremist groups such as the Islamic State and instability following the Arab Spring democracy movements that began in 2011. Tension also has been rising between Iran and Saudi Arabia, which represent opposite sides of Islam's Sunni-Shiite divide and where religious restrictions remain among the most severe in the world. While some exiled Christians are trying to return to their old homes, experts are not optimistic that the outflow from the region will slow; nor do they expect the Middle East to become more hospitable to religious minorities. Experts say the plight of these minorities reflects a dangerous lack of pluralism and respect for human rights in many of the area's societies.

Catholic children prepare for a Christmas play in a Baghdad church (AFP/Getty Images/Henghameh Fahimi)
Catholic children prepare for a Christmas play in a Baghdad church in 2003, nine months after U.S. forces toppled Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. The American invasion triggered years of violence that led many Iraqi Christians to emigrate. (AFP/Getty Images/Henghameh Fahimi)
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