Food Labeling

June 16, 2017 • Volume 27, Issue 22
Should the government require clearer packaging?
By Rachel Kaufman


A shopper in Irvine, Calif., learns about healthy food ingredients (AFP/Getty Images/Robyn Beck)
A shopper in Irvine, Calif., learns about healthy food ingredients as part of the “Shop with Your Doc” program sponsored by the St. Joseph Hoag Health hospital group. Consumer advocates want to make nutrition information on labels easier to understand, but some in the food industry says its Facts Up Front labeling already does that. (AFP/Getty Images/Robyn Beck)

Consumer advocates want the food industry to put clearer nutrition information on food labels, contending that manufacturers often mislead consumers by proclaiming products are “healthy” or “natural.” The critics are pressing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to define such terms and require labels to make nutrition information easier to find and comprehend. Some consumer advocates argue that a symbol such as a stoplight should be used on labels to rate food simply as “healthy” or “unhealthy.” But the food industry says it already has taken steps to give consumers more useful and understandable nutrition information, pointing to growing adoption of its Facts Up Front labeling, which lists fat, salt, sugar and calorie content on package fronts. Both sides are watching the Trump administration closely, as it already has delayed a key labeling regulation, and many observers predict more rule delays are to come. Meanwhile, critics are questioning the validity of industry-backed food research and the safety of artificial food dyes in cereal, candy and other foods.

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