Unrest in Turkey

January 29, 2016 • Volume 26, Issue 5
Can the longtime U.S. ally be trusted?
By Brian Beary


A funeral procession for two suspected militants killed in a police raid (AFP/Getty Images/Ozan Kose)
A funeral procession for two suspected militants killed in a police raid in December wends through Istanbul's Gazi district, a stronghold for supporters of Turkey's outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Turkey faces violence from anti-government insurgents such as the PKK, as well as from Islamic State terrorists. (AFP/Getty Images/Ozan Kose)

Located at the crossroads of Europe and the strife-torn Middle East, Turkey is crucial in the West's struggle against Islamist extremism. Yet, foreign policy experts worry that Turkey's allegiance to democratic values has weakened under Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and that domestic unrest could jeopardize Turkey's effectiveness in the fight against terrorism. Erdogan's conservative AKP Party is battling separatist Kurds inside Turkey and in neighboring Iraq and Syria, where the Kurds have been an important U.S. ally in the fight against the Islamic State. The controversial Erdogan has violently suppressed dissidents and journalists, been accused of corruption and supported stricter adherence to Islam. The 28-nation European Union (EU), meanwhile, has been inundated by Syrian war refugees and wants Turkey to prevent the more than 2 million refugees it is harboring from crossing into the EU. Erdogan hopes Turkey's role in the refugee crisis will bolster the country's longstanding bid to join the EU. But some Western leaders question Turkey's readiness for membership.

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