Teen Drug Use

June 3, 2011 • Volume 21, Issue 21
Do weaker drug laws encourage youths to try pot?
By Peter Katel


David Rozga (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
Police say 18-year-old David Rozga, of Indianola, Iowa, shown in framed photo, “freaked out” and committed suicide last year after smoking the marijuana look-alike drug K2. His parents, Mike and Jan Rozga, above, with their son Daniel, urged state officials to make the drug illegal. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Teen drug consumption is on the rise in the United States after years of decline. Marijuana is the major substance involved, but use of the hallucinogen Ecstasy also has risen. The trends are reported in “Monitoring the Future,” an annual survey of high school students conducted since 1975 by University of Michigan researchers. The latest survey results are adding fuel to the ongoing national debate over drug policy. Some experts argue that a recent wave of state medical-marijuana laws, as well as statutes that eliminate criminal penalties for personal use of pot, have persuaded teens that drugs such as marijuana are innocuous. That notion is especially dangerous to young people predisposed to addiction, specialists in teen drug use say. Proponents of drug legalization counter that no hard evidence exists of a connection between teen use and drug-law changes.

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