Food Safety

December 17, 2010 • Volume 20, Issue 44
Would new legislation make the food supply safer?
By Peter Katel


A USDA medical officer checks eggs (U.S. Department of Agriculture/Stephen Ausmus)
A USDA medical officer checks eggs for salmonella bacteria. Massive health violations by Iowa egg processors led to salmonella contamination that sickened at least 1,600 people nationwide this year and sparked the biggest egg recall in U.S. history. (U.S. Department of Agriculture/Stephen Ausmus)

Your food can kill you. Every year, about 3,000 Americans die from salmonella and other foodborne illnesses, and an estimated 48 million are sickened. Recent scandals over abysmal sanitary conditions in food processing plants that led to large disease outbreaks in eggs and peanuts have pushed Congress to overhaul the food-safety system for all foods except meat and poultry. A last-minute hitch, however, has left the fate of that bipartisan legislation uncertain, despite support from an unusual alliance of industry and consumer advocates. If it wins enactment, advocates may push for revamping meat regulation. Far more disagreement exists on the controversial genetic frontier of food safety. Scientists can now genetically modify fruits and vegetables as well as livestock and other food animals. But debate over the safety of genetic modification among lawmakers, food safety officials, consumer groups and the food industry shows no sign of quieting down.

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