Abortion Debates

September 10, 2010 • Volume 20, Issue 31
Should states enact new restrictions?
By Kenneth Jost


Woman in a protest group with a poster reading ‘Abortion is not health care’ (Getty Images/Bill Pugliano)
An abortion opponent protests before President Obama's commencement address May 1 at the University of Michigan. Several states are considering limiting coverage of abortion in the insurance exchange plans to be established under the new federal health-care law pushed by Obama. (Getty Images/Bill Pugliano)

The abortion wars are heating up again. Anti-abortion groups strongly opposed President Obama's health-care overhaul, insisting that the plan's insurance coverage provisions opened the door to public subsidies for abortions. They remain opposed even after Obama issued an executive order that regulations be issued barring use of federal funds for abortion services except in limited circumstances. For their part, abortion-rights groups say the restrictions leave reproductive freedoms worse off than before. Anti-abortion groups are now pressing state legislatures to similarly bar coverage for abortion under the insurance exchanges to be established under the new health-care law. In addition, they are pushing new restrictions on abortion procedures, including a requirement that a woman be shown an ultrasound image of her fetus before the procedure. Abortion-rights advocates say the proposals amount to political interference with women's constitutionally protected right to make their own medical decisions.

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