Historic Preservation

October 7, 1994 • Volume 4, Issue 37
Will the fight over Disney's America spark more clashes?
By Richard L. Worsnop


In the face of strong opposition from preservationists, the Walt Disney Co. recently abandoned plans to build a $650 million history theme park in Virginia's heritage-rich Piedmont. The company's pullout pointed to the preservation movement's increasing clout, but it also raised two longstanding criticisms: that preservationists are anti-development and that they tend to embrace elitist values. Preservationists respond that most of the nation's designated historic sites actually reflect the accomplishments and views of a broad cross-section of American society, and that the anti-Disney campaign succeeded because it had grass-roots support all across the country. One thing seems likely: As preservationists increasingly challenge business interests over quality-of-life issues, additional battles are inevitable.

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