Vietnam: Unified, Independent and Poor

March 18, 1988

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The war with the United States has been over for more than a decade, and, for one of the rare times in its history, a united Vietnam is free of foreign control. But Vietnamese troops occupy neighboring Cambodia, relations with China are tense, the U.S. trade embargo continues, and the economy, despite attempts at reform, is a mess.

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On a cool Saturday morning in January, the smell of charcoal cooking fires permeates the village of An Duong on the outskirts of Hanoi. A little after 7 o'clock, four schoolboys enter a courtyard in which a 12-foot high obelisk sits atop a 2-foot high brick platform. One of the boys knocks loose a brick while his pals quickly collect others. They line them up to make a little wall across the platform. Out come two well-used paddles and a pingpong ball. The before-school game begins.

An old woman listens for a few minutes while an American visitor speaks with the youngsters, Then motions to the American. She squats down and writes with a stick in the dust: “250,” Erasing that with a sweep of the hand, she then writes “ngay 21-12-72”—“the day December 21, 1972.”

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