June 13, 1986

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American Ambivalence

Few symbols have a meaning to the American people as profound as that of the Statue of Liberty. For generations, the colossus of New York harbor has stood as the enduring image of this country's willingness to open its doors to newcomers seeking a better life. The celebrations surrounding the 100th anniversary and restoration of the statue, to be held over the Fourth of July weekend, will be a paean to the 50 million immigrants who have arrived since 1820, and the immense contribution they have made to building a nation.

Yet, as Americans watch the New York celebrations on national television, many may discover other, more troubling images lurking in the back of their minds. They may remember photographs, taken through telescopic lenses, in which groups of people move quietly through the desert, illegally crossing the invisible border that separates the United States from the poverty-stricken lands to the south. Or they may recall that the local dry cleaner or convenience store is now owned by a recent Asian immigrant, who gives members of his large family jobs that once went to native-born Americans.

The restoration of the Statue of Liberty comes in the middle of the second-largest wave of immigration in American history. Last year, nearly 650,000 people were legally admitted as immigrants or refugees to the United States, If, as some experts believe, illegal immigration is adding up to 500,000 persons a year, total immigration may be at levels approaching or exceeding the historic highs reached in the first two decades of this century. According to the Census Bureau, the foreign-born are by far the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population—the 14.1 million immigrants living here in 1980 reflected a 46 percent increase in numbers since 1970.

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