Cheating in School

May 11, 1966

Report Outline
Evidence of Cheating Among Students
Attitude of Students Toward Cheating
Measures to Combat Cheating in School

Evidence of Cheating Among Students

Inquiries into Cheating on College Campuses

Evidence continues to accumulate that cheating is both prevalent and widely tolerated in American education. Numerous student surveys and occasional cheating scandals support a popular impression that student honesty is at a low level. Perhaps most disturbing are indications that cheating is becoming an ingrained part of student life in the United States.

The succession of reports reflecting unfavorably on student honesty has so far stirred up relatively little counteraction. The Air Force Academy, struck by a cheating scandal last year, has adopted a number of reforms based on recommendations of an investigating committee, and a few other institutions of higher learning have been moved to install or attempt installation or extension of honor systems, but these activities hardly constitute a trend.

New efforts are being made to probe beneath the surface of current statistics on student cheating, and these studies may help to gauge more realistically the true depth of student acceptance of dishonest practices. They may also throw more light on forces within the modern educational system —or in society at large —which may tend to undermine academic morale.

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