Revision of Trade and Tariff Policy

December 6, 1961

Report Outline
Coming Battle on Foreign Trade Policy
Lowering of U.S. Tariff Bars Since 1934
Clash of Views on Foreign Trade Policy

Coming Battle on Foreign Trade Policy

President Kennedy is preparing for a battle over foreign trade policy whose outcome may be of momentous significance to the United States and to a large part of the free world. At his news conference November 29, the President confirmed his intention to “go to the Congress in January,” following consultations soon to take place with legislators bearing responsibility in the field, to propose a program to revise methods of handling trade and tariff relations with other countries.

It is no secret that the administration wants a far-reaching liberalization of the tariff-making authority delegated to the Chief Executive by the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act, which is due to expire by limitation next June 30. Because broadened powers to reduce customs duties will be sought at a time when support for increased tariff protection of domestic industries has been on the rise, a bitter fight over the administration's proposals is unavoidable.

Kennedy'S Stand in Looming Tariff Struggle

The President denied at his news conference that the administration had any thought of proposing formal association of the United States with the European Economic Community or Common Market.

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