Student Movements

December 11, 1957

Report Outline
Discontent of Youth Behind Iron Curtain
Patterns and Trends in Student Activity
National and International Organizations
Student Political Activity in United States

Discontent of Youth Behind Iron Curtain

Signs of defection from communism among youth behind the Iron Curtain have turned attention to the important role which young people, especially students, can play in shaping political events. While attention has been directed chiefly to unrest in Eastern Europe, a broader survey reveals that student activity is an impressive political force in many countries, including some which together could tip the balance in the contest between East and West.

Expressed in forms ranging from soberly phrased calls for reform by legislative action to open defiance of established authority, student dissatisfaction with existing conditions has often been the prelude to political events of world significance.

It is pitifully inconsistent for Americans to credit East European students with great political insight when they question Communist doctrine, while ignoring the hopes, preferences and accomplishments of students in other lands, including the United States. Students everywhere are worthy of watch. They are the political conscience of a nation.

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