Sex Education in Schools

October 30, 1957

Report Outline
Study of Ses in Courses on Family Lips
Sex Education and Moral Guidance
Manner of Teaching Sex in Public Schools

Study of Ses in Courses on Family Lips

A GROWING NUMBER of American children are learning the “facts of life” as a part of the formal education they receive in the public schools. People in general hear relatively little about sex education today because most schools do not offer it under that name. Information about sex usually is given along with instruction on numerous other subjects under the general designation of “Family Life Education.” Sex teaching takes its place in the group as unobtrusively as topics like “Making and Keeping Friends” or “Spending One's Allowance Wisely.”

In many schools facts about sex are slipped into the teaching of such traditional subjects as social studies, science, hygiene, home economics, or physical education. In addition, more and more senior high schools are emulating the colleges in offering courses on marriage. These are practical studies aimed to help young people make a success of marriage when the time comes.

How much useful information on sex boys and girls are acquiring through school programs is hard to determine. There is a wealth of texts on what should be taught about sex in school, but little has been done to ascertain on an over-all basis what is actually being taught and the extent to which the teaching fulfills the intended purpose. Informal observations by some authorities in the field indicate that, while sex education in the schools has become fairly prevalent, much of it still skirts around the very questions on which young people need more knowledge, understanding, and guidance.

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